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What Would Happen If All Your Customers Left?

If you don’t focus on retaining your current customers, your business WILL fail — full stop.

The reality is that many business owners are so obsessed with acquiring new leads and customers that they forget those who have already proven that they want to spend money with them. They chase after guppies and leave their big catch out to rot — costing them thousands (potentially even millions) in customer churn every year.


This is a devastating, business-collapsing mistake.

Your customers are nearly 5 times more likely to leave your business because they feel ignored than any issues with your products or services.

Let that sink in.

If you think they are going to tolerate being ignored while you go chasing after leads, you are sadly mistaken. In the U.S., approximately 595,000 businesses close their doors for good every year. If you're not serious about continuing to pursue your current customers, it could easily be 595,001 — you'd be just another drop in the bucket.

That's the bad news.

But here's the good news.

Your One-Way Ticket To Transforming Your Business

You KNOW your active customers are your greatest asset (otherwise, you wouldn’t be here). You’re a future-minded entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with, and your company is ready to implement high-impact relationship marketing strategies that keep your customers coming back for more year after year. All you need is a push in the right direction.

Congratulations! You’ve found your people.

We’ve got your back. Our one (and only) goal is to provide your business with the key tools and strategies you need to thrive. We’ve helped thousands of business owners to produce astounding results, and we can do it for you too.

Stop Losing Customers Is THE #1 How-To Guide For Keeping Customers For Life

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From Rags to Riches, the Humble Beginnings of Shaun Buck

Author Shaun Buck started his business journey as a struggling teenage father. A born entrepreneur, he initiated and followed through with multiple business enterprises to provide for his family. Surprisingly enough, he discovered the astounding power of relationship marketing in the most unlikely of places: a dry cleaning franchise.

Since then, Shaun has become a well-respected name in the business community. CEO of the successful content marketing business Newsletter Pro, he has unique insights that can help any business in any industry supercharge their marketing strategies and foster relationships with the people that matter the most: their current customers.

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"Stop Losing Customers" is your ticket to strategies that make customers fall in love with your business and decrease the number of customers leaving. By employing relationship marketing methods, businesses can increase referrals, reduce churn, and ultimately boost revenue, profits, and business valuation.



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This is more than just a book.

It's a Community.

Being a business owner is no walk in the park, especially in this economy. If you've ever felt you must tough it out by yourself, you're not alone. Business can often feel like a dog-eat-dog world, where competition is more important than cooperation.

We get it. We've seen it firsthand and believe we can do things better.

We believe that with the right tools, there is room for everyone to succeed. That's why the “Stop Losing Customers” community is about more than an amazing, earth-shattering book. It's about building a network of entrepreneurs across various industries who are passionate about working together to produce mind-blowing results.

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 Access to a LinkedIn community of like-minded entrepreneurs committed to elevating their businesses to new heights and lifting each other up.
 Exclusive access to our members- only newsletter and other print marketing materials